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    • Choose size
    • Choose clasp / string colour
    • Do you want any initials engraved on one side?


    In comment box please add

    • Colour of silicone bead (up to THREE max)
    • Please add initials you want engraved on wooden beads (on one side of lanyard only) if you clicked yes from drop down menu.

    Mask Lanyard

    Clasp / String colour
    Add engraved initials on one side.
    • Any products that are made with Natural Wood (beads, rings, clips & all décor) are NOT to be submerged fully in water. Spot clean wood and all silicone beads with mild soap and allow to air dry only. 

      Do not sterilize, boil or microwave your cutieCHEWS


      Natural Woods are best treated with oils such as olive, avocado, coconut and grape seed as well as beeswax to protect them. Simply wipe on and leave for a couple hours until soaked in, wipe off any excess oils. 


      Cords, clasps and pacifier clips are not intended to be chewed on. Do not expose clips with wood or metal pieces to moisture, drool, or water for any extended period of time.


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