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  • When selecting your toys please do not add doubles

    eg. A, D, D or  E, G, K, K

    Wooden Play Gym

    PriceFrom C$135.00
    • Each one of our gyms is handmade from start to finish with hard natural wood. With being handmade no two gyms are the same, only as close as we can get them.

      • Measures
      • Stand is made of
      • Handmade in Ontario

      3 Toys are included with your gym, with an option to add an additional toy.

      Never leave your baby unattended with their play gym. Play gyms are not meant to be used for babies that are able to pull themselves up for obvious safety reasons.

    • Each baby gym will come with either side of the wooden legs strung together with rope and 2 screws already started for you. 

      All you will need to do is continue to screw the rest of the screw into each side of the dowel, one at a time sliding your toys on inbetween. Please do this on a hard flat surface.

      Set up your gym on a flat floor on top of a playmat and spread the legs out on either side to ensure its strate (each floor is different).

      From opening and closing your gym after multiple times you might need to tighten screws if you feel like your gym isn't as stiff as you would like it. (Gym will NOT come apart once screwed together).

      There is no need to get this gym wet so please avoid. Paint used is non toxic however babies should NOT be using this gym as teething options.

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