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cutieCHEWS is home of the original Natural Wood Engraved Bead -  all our beads are engraved one-by-one as orders come in.

Knowing that a little extra love goes into every piece.

Thank you for shopping small,

and thank you for supporting a big dream

Turnaround Time

Each one of cutieCHEWS items are unique to you, giving you full control of the end result.. who wouldn't want that!?

Since I am a team of ONE I work my way down orders as they come in, as well as being a full-time mama and now in the last trimester of my pregnancy I had to make some adjustments.

Please read the following turnaround times below.

All items besides Décor will be shipped out or picked up at a local spot 2 weeks from placing your order, this does NOT include shipping time.

All Décor items will be shipped out or picked up at a local spot 3 weeks from placing your order.

At checkout you have 4 shipping options,

- Standard (Does NOT include Tracking)

- Shipping with Tracking

- Rush Order (Canada ONLY - If you need your order asap I will put a rush on it and have it made within 5 days THEN express ship it out)

- Local Pickup 


Add a name to your Pacifier Clip or Teething Ring to make it extra special.

A forever keepsake

Choose Your Style

Choose from numerous styles of Traditional cutieCHEWS Pacifier Clips to miniCHEWS for a shorter option.

THE  -  i  -

I'm sure by now you have seen all my - i's - are lower case where the rest is all done in upper. Why? Because it's something that makes cutieCHEWS that extra little bit special! I LOVE the lowercase - i - , I think its cute and fun!

When placing your order with me I will ONLY do lowercase - i - however my one exception is if it starts at the beginning of a name, then I will use the uppercase.

cutieCHEWS is a small shop, and a lot of love goes into all my items, I engrave EVERY NaturalWood bead with all the letters from A-Z, so this - i - is my special touch!

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