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Turnaround Time

Each one of cutieCHEWS items are unique to you, giving you full control of the end result.. who wouldn't want that!?

Since I am a team of ONE I work my way down orders as they come in, as well as being a full-time mama of two.

Please read the following turnaround times below.

  •  Once your order has been placed there will be a 2 - 4 week turnaround. This does NOT include shipping time. There's always a good chance that I am able to get your item shipped out or picked up a little sooner but no guarantee.

  • Canada Post is very delayed in some areas, your item will arrive anywhere from 1-6 weeks. I have no control over shipping so please be patient.

  • If you go with Standard Shipping over Tracked Shipping I will have NO way of seeing the progress of your order. There will be a return address on your package if anything was to go wrong along the way.

  • Shipping with Tracking will not always update on time due to very high volumes Canada Post is seeing. Again please be patient during these times.

  • If you go with Standard Shipping and your package is taking longer than 6+ weeks there will be NO refunds. Please email me at, I will help you out in the best way I can.

At checkout you have 3 shipping options,

- Standard (Does NOT include Tracking)

- Shipping with Tracking

- 3 x Local Pickup Options 

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