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cutieCHEWS Wholesale Application


I’m so excited that you are interested in purchasing cutieCHEWS for your Online Shop || Brick and Mortar! As a small shop business owner that brings me so much joy! Know that ALL cutieCHEWS items are handmade with love by one mama, me! (Amanda)

Please know that cutieCHEWS items are always keeping you (customers) in mind, from safety and health - to stylish designs. I take a lot of time and pride making sure you won’t find like items from other Teething Shops, as well as each item I am able to fully customize from start to finish if you have specific colours in mind.

Please fill out the application form below and carefully read over terms and conditions. I will be in contact within a few business days to give you our wholesale price list!

My shop is..

cutieCHEWS Wholesale Terms & Conditions

The following listed below are very important key points to read, if you have any questions please contact me

at  SUBJECT: Wholesale


Teething Items

  • Pacifier Clips || Teething Rings || Teething Necklace || cutieTAGS || cutieRINGS:  Minimum total of 20 items will need to be purchased to be considered wholesale. (you are able to mix match items if this is something you would prefer to do!)

  • Teething pendants are NOT available for wholesale.

  • Individual NaturalWood letter beads are NOT available for wholesale.


Décor items

  • Counting Peg People || Alphabet Sets: Minimum of 5 sets will need to be purchased to be considered wholesale.

  • cutieBLOCKS: Minimum of 30 individual blocks  will need to be purchased to be considered wholesale.


Turnaround Time

All cutieCHEWS items are made to order, I do not sit on pre made stock as I receive more custom orders.

  • Teething Items: Orders of 20+ (1 - 2 week to be made, then will be shipped out) Orders of 30 – 50 items ( 2 – 3 weeks to be made, then will be shipped out)

  • Décor Items: Please respect that all décor items take a little more time as everything is hand painted numerous amounts of time to ensure the best outcome. Depending on your order expect a minimum of 2 – 3 weeks (closer to the 3-week mark) to be made then shipped out. ** Larger orders I will be in contact with to discuss.

All items must represent cutieCHEWS brand

  • Item names and colour names must remain the same as on

  • All prices must never be lowered to what is shown on

  • Packaging and marketing of items must remain the same, unless further spoken about.

  • If posting anything on social media cutieCHEWS must be given credit and tagged when able to @cutiechews

  • Wholesale orders have their own discount price therefor are not eligible to be combined with any online promotion.


All orders that are placed and paid for become final after 3 hours of placing & refund will not be issued. 

Thanks and I'll be in contact shortly!

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