Bracelet Colour (colours listed below)

    • If you want multiple colours to make up your whole bracelet (up to 3 max) add them in comment box SEED BEAD COLOUR(S). If multiple colours are chosen, they will be strung in random order.
    • If you want 3 accent beads added to your bracelet on either side of letter beads, add ACCENT to comments then your colour. If you do not add accent before your colour then that colour will be mixed in with your base colour.



    • For your custom bracelet please indicate the name/word you want on your bracelet in the NAME/WORD box. 


    • Type out word exactly how you want it to appear on your bracelet.

    EX. "GIRL MOM" will have a space between both words that will be occupied with the same colour seed bead as your bracelet.

    "G I R L M O M" will have a space between each letter that will be occupied with the same colour seed bead as your bracelet.

    "GIRLMOM" will just flow as one word.



    • To help find your perfect size: take string, wrap it around your wrist then measure. Bracelets are stretchy and over time with taking on and off they will loosen up. All bracelets are made to order and FINAL sale, even if sizing is not correct. (Please measure!)



    1. White
    2. White Pearl
    3. Pearl
    4. Clear
    5. Soft Pink
    6. Med Pink Pearl
    7. Clear Pink
    8. Pink Pearl
    9. Coral
    10. Peach Pearl
    11. Peach
    12. Orange Pearl
    13. Purple
    14. Soft Purple
    15. Clear Purple
    16. Purple/Blue
    17. Mermaid
    18. Clear Blue
    19. Teal
    20. Navy
    21. Black
    22. Gold

    18K Gold Plated HEART - Seed Bead Name Bracelet

    • How to measure correctly. Use a piece of string to see how you would like your bracelet to fit. Keep in mind they do stretch slightly over time. Once you see how you would like your bracelet to fit, cut your string then measure. If you would like a looser fit add .5” onto your measurement.

      Bracelets have a good amount of stretch to them, however stretching too small of a size to make fit can end in bracelet snapping.


      • These bracelets are NOT for children to wear unsupervised.
      • They are NOT for teething purposes.
      • Children are NOT to sleep in them or put them in their mouth.
      • Bracelets contain very small beads.
    • Please avoid getting this bracelet wet.

      Acrylic letters can loose Black or White letter parts with wear and tear.